Welcome to The Picky Kitchen.

This blog is dedicated to families like ours, where most of the family consists of picky eaters. We generally try to do recipes that stay away from mushrooms and peppers and stick with common spices that can be found anywhere in the country. We know first hand how hard it can be for a family of picky eaters to find recipes that suit their family. Cookbooks tend to have lots of recipes in them that my family just won't try because of one ingredient or another. We can't be the only family out there facing this dilema so we hope that you enjoy this site.

So on this site we will share recipes that have been successful with our family including a feature that we will try to do once a week where we come up with recipes that we make in the crockpot. We'll try to get some recipes made in the crockpot that most people don't associate with crockpot cooking as well as some trusty favorites. We'll also try to video as many of these recipes as we can.

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